How Does My Skin Type Affect The Indoor Tanning Process?

Each person’s skin presents very unique characteristics that help make each person the individual person that they are. When undergoing indoor tanning, these unique skin types need to be considered in order to promote safety when tanning. In addition, the effectiveness and lasting ability of an indoor tanning session is greatly influenced by the decisions you make based on your skin type when inside the tanning salon. Information provided here, as well as a person to person interview with one of the helpful professionals at our tanning salon will always be able to provide you with best and most applicable knowledge when it comes to skin types and indoor tanning.

There are typically six general skin types that people fall under, which include:

Type I- Skin type I will generally never tan, but rather unfortunately, almost always produces sunburn. These individuals possess skin which does not produce much melanin at all, and in turn, will most likely be best suited to avoid almost all types of sun exposure

Type II- Skin type II will is sensitive to sunburn, but will produce a healthy tan if done properly in an indoor tanning arena. The controlled exposure provided by indoor tanning booths allows these individuals to produce a healthy amount of color, without having to deal with the pain of sunburns.

Type III- Skin type III is the most commonly seen skin type in the United States, which allows for reasonably easy tanning, but with the potential of sunburn with overexposure.

Type IV- Skin type IV produces a dark tan very easily that retains itself over very long periods of time. Typically, the individuals having Type IV skin will be hard pressed to suffer from sunburn, however, overexposure can always lead to slight sunburn, not to mention dryness, cracking, and other skin ailments. Indoor tanning can control these negative side effects, while giving people with Type IV skin the healthy glow and color they so desire.

Type V- Skin type V produces a tan extremely easily and rarely will ever burn.

Type VI- Skin type VI tans almost without question and will never, ever produce sunburn. These individuals almost always already have a very dark skin complexion, and rarely, if ever, feel the need to undergo tanning in any form.

Learning and assessing your personal skin type is one of the first steps in garnering the healthy, glowing, tan complexion you desire. Given that skin type is a heredity condition, rather than gained over time, controlled exposure is best method of working with your existing skin type to produce the most ideal tan, rather than trying to press the genetics issue and endure harsh burns and other ailments from overexposure from uncontrolled UV rays found in outdoor tanning. Additionally, working alongside the facts presented about your skin type will help you tan without fear of doing any damage to your skin, whether temporarily in the form of sunburn, or in a more serious long term scenario.

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