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belllaa asked:

its usally about 15-45 a session. but the good machines are 45$. the monthly rates are definetly over 100. i need something cheaper.

Tanning Salons
b00 asked:

i have an interview next week and i was wondering what they ask you during the interview? i have an interview with desert sun and i am so excited!

Tanning Salons
Lauren asked:

I am doing a college research paper on the governments role in the tanning industry, and I can’t seem to find anywhere the current laws or regulations that are put on tanning salons by the government (at a national level…..I have found information on each states rules already). I have searched the FDA website without luck, so if anyone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

Tanning Salons
Eponine asked:

None of the websites seem to say so I’m thinking it’s expensive….

Tanning Salons
?They call me mom? asked:

I was wondering if people of mexican, african decent actually go to tanning salons. I was just wondering because of a conversation my friends where having.
Well, for some people going to the tanning salon is relaxing. This could be a reason.