Tanning Salons
Wes:-) 🙂 :-):-) 🙂 🙂 :-):-) asked:

Can you wear a mens thong?
I live in Massachusetts if that helps.
I live in North jw cuz i have a big dance coming up

Sunless Tanning
Sarah asked:

I went through the mystic tanning booth at my salon and now I have stains on my white tank top. I need some help getting the stains out. Please help!

Tanning Salons
kitabug293 asked:

i dont tan very easy so how do i get a great tan besides going to a tanning booth or useing a tanning lotion because i dont really like to use thoes.

Tanning Salons
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? asked:

I have been wanting to get a little more color before summer starts, but I’m hesitant.

1) I’m really pale, and so a lot of my veins show through my skin on my chest, legs, etc. Will the appearance of those diminish at all if I tan?

2) How long to tanning booth tans last usually?

3) I know when I tan in the sun, I get freckles on my face which I love. Will those show up if I tan with a tanning booth?

4) How many trips to the salon does it generally take to get a healthy, not-overdone tan?
I thought of one more question:

5) I hear a lot about moisturizing before and after you tan. Can I just use any store-bought moisturizer like St. Ives, or do I have to use those expensive ones they sell in the tanning salons?

ques-quash asked:

I want to use product(s) that will get me a natural bronzed/gold tan without looking fake to be used along with a tanning bed or booth. Don’t really care of the cost just as long if it’s no more than $50 per bottle. THANKS