Sharon asked:

I’m talking about indoor tanning. I tanned last summer (indoor tanning on the beds) about 5 sessions and I got a really nice deep color. The color lasted a while a couple of months but after time it gradually faded and eventually I’m back to my normal original color I was wondering HOW and WHY does the color fade?

redskins432 asked:

I want to start tanning again in tanning beds and im looking for a tanning lotion that gives me a nice deep dark color but not extremely deep….any ideas?

Tanning Salons
. asked:

What is the specific ingredient or ingredients that is/are bad for the tanning beds?

Sunless Tanning
bonjovigirl asked:

I use to go to tanning beds, I know bad for you, so I thought this year I would try a sunless tanning product. Which one has worked best for you?

Erica asked:

Online I believe it says 19.88/month but is there a sign up fee?
and does the unlimited tanning include just the tanning beds or the mystic tan too?