Jamie S asked:

I go tanning, but then i hear people saying how bad it is to your skin and you could get skin cancer or something. I dont really believe that but is it true?

Tanning Salons
MrJohnson asked:

We are heading into that fall and winter season where tanning
salons make the cash register ring. How popular is indoor tanning now? Is it more a 80’s-90’s thing to strive for that just got back from St. Bart’s/Moritz in the mid-winter, when everyone else is
as pale as ghosts? Or is skin cancer more on people’s radar
now? I strongly feel that people will do anything to their bodies to
look good, even if they pay for it later…Look at men and steroids…
I think many people are so vain that they will go under the UV
lamp if that gets them the little extra attention they crave.
Personally, I think it looks tacky to have a mid-winter tan, even
if you DO have the time and money to go to the islands in January.
I think it looks blue-collar, spaghetti halter-top cheezy. The only time mid-winter tans ever looked good was in the 60’s and 70’s,
when people really had to go to the islands to get tanned.

?Glock Girl? asked:

I have light, almost fair skin with a tendency to tan, then burn if overexposed. I want to start tanning in the sun but am not sure how much time to start with and how often. I have plenty of experience with this in a tanning salon, but I know the sun is very different from a tanning bed. I will be using a level 1 tanning lotion, and of course I want the best results, and a deep dark tan. Any help is appreciated, no lectures on skin cancer please.

Tanning Salons
Alice asked:

what do you think : tacking, hot, stupid? (i think its idiotic, it increases your chances of skin cancer and destroys you inside to out)..but anyways, i still do like the look of tans, as does my sister, she really wants me to go with her to one…what do you people think of the whole tanning salon thing? should i do it? thnxs 😉

Tanning Salons
Susan D asked:

i know they are and i dont go to them but i dont understand whats dangerous about them. And is sun tanning dangerous. I was outside all day yesterday and got a little burnt. Can i get skin cancer?