Aaron asked:

I know this is mostly a matter of opinion, but to you give you a more detailed description of what sort of advise I’m asking for I’ll tell you what my situation is. I’m a guy. My skin complexion is very white and pasty, and sort of resembles expired pizza dough with acne. So, in order to upgrade my sexual appeal, I’ve decided that I would look better with a little more color this year. It is now the end of January and I’m debating on when to start indoor tanning. I’m afraid that if I start now it will be too early and I’m trying not to make it look too obvious that I’m going tanning. But I would also like to start as early as possible. So I guess what I’m asking the most is when is the earliest time of the year that I can start having an artificial tan and still be tasteful and stylish?

vitruvian_88 asked:

I really need to know what’s the difference between the two because a few days ago I went to a tanning salon and the lady there said I had to use an indoor lotion, which I first thought is a fake tanning lotion but I guess it isn’t, and an outdoor one. Also I would really like to know how the tingle one works and why it’s any different because the woman said it makes you turn red! Help 🙁

Sharon asked:

I’m talking about indoor tanning. I tanned last summer (indoor tanning on the beds) about 5 sessions and I got a really nice deep color. The color lasted a while a couple of months but after time it gradually faded and eventually I’m back to my normal original color I was wondering HOW and WHY does the color fade?

janecat asked:

I really don’t like bronzers, and of course, I like smelly good stuff! How much of a difference do these indoor tanning lotions really make? I’m not looking to get super dark, just looking for some good color. I tan fairly easily, but my skin is so pale it’s almost see-through right now.
I’m looking for a lotion to use when tanning in a tanning bed.

Tanning Salons
MrJohnson asked:

We are heading into that fall and winter season where tanning
salons make the cash register ring. How popular is indoor tanning now? Is it more a 80’s-90’s thing to strive for that just got back from St. Bart’s/Moritz in the mid-winter, when everyone else is
as pale as ghosts? Or is skin cancer more on people’s radar
now? I strongly feel that people will do anything to their bodies to
look good, even if they pay for it later…Look at men and steroids…
I think many people are so vain that they will go under the UV
lamp if that gets them the little extra attention they crave.
Personally, I think it looks tacky to have a mid-winter tan, even
if you DO have the time and money to go to the islands in January.
I think it looks blue-collar, spaghetti halter-top cheezy. The only time mid-winter tans ever looked good was in the 60’s and 70’s,
when people really had to go to the islands to get tanned.