Cynthia asked:

I am very pale, but I have had a good tan a lot of times before so it is possible! It just takes me forever to get there. Do you think using sunscreen or sunblock would work? Which one would I use? After I got a base tan then I would change to tanning lotion of course.

Sunless Tanning
RosesaretheKEY asked:

I use Neutrogena Daily glow but a friend of mine just bought me a gift certificate to a tanning salon… is it safe to do both?

Please don’t tell me how unsafe tanning at a salon is, I know it is and I have chosen to take that risk.

Renee B asked:

I am going to ta tanning salon. Even when in the sun, I can never achieve a tan on the bottom portion of my legs. I think I have tried all of the lotions in the salons. Any ideas?

Tanning Salons
b00 asked:

i have an interview next week and i was wondering what they ask you during the interview? i have an interview with desert sun and i am so excited!

missi asked:

ok first off please dont tell me all about the wrinkles im gonna get and how its bad for your skin, thanks for your concern but i know what im doing

ok so if your not gonna try and criticize me here is my question, well i went today and started back up and just went on a reguluar bed, i went for 20 min, and i used banana boat tanning oil *yes i know its for outdoor but its all i had* and anyways i jsut layed on my back, and i know its only the first time but aside from bein a bit red i dont notice much

how fast will i see major results

what else can i do to speed up the process

i have 20 sessions, 20 min each right now, how often shoudl i go? and how tan will i be at the end of that time?