Tanning Salons
Karie *+*Samanthas Mommy*+* asked:

I have custody of my younger sister whos 15 and she wants to go to a tanning salon. I have no problem with it, but I’m not sure if she can go alone.
Since she’s only 15 can she go to a tanning salon by herself?

Madeleine H asked:

I do not tan easily. I am only 12 so I can’t go to a tanning bed. I usually burn. I go out in the sun a lot but i usually get burned. Does sunscreen effect if you tan or not? Thx
Baby oil makes me burn but if i put on sunscreen too would that make me not get burned?

Jonathan U asked:

im not planning on laying down for a tan.. im just gonna go walk around the beach and around town to see stuff.. when is the best time for tanning? and what color of shirt should i wear? will i get tanner if i wear like a black t-shirt instead of white?

i love asked:

I got a really nice tan this summer and I don’t want to have to keep tanning every weekend to keep it. What can I do so that it dosent go away so fast?
And I dont want to hear that tanning is bad blah blah blah
And no gradual tanning lotions or creams or sprays.

mgirl883 asked:

I tried soft soap and warm water and I’ve also tried Woolite oxymagic spray. 409 spray does not work either. Some of my bronzer tanning lotion got onto my wallet and its not coming out. Any help would be great.