Jamie S asked:

I go tanning, but then i hear people saying how bad it is to your skin and you could get skin cancer or something. I dont really believe that but is it true?

Sunless Tanning
Hello my Kitty…. asked:

What kind/brand of sunless tanner works best? Like what makes you the darkest, but not look orange or streaky?
For performing on stage.
also…preferably no gradual tanners. I like the jergens kind, but I want something more concentrated that works faster.

Tanning Salons
Amanda’s asked:

Im planning to get a tanned in a tanning salon since there i can tan ***** and get even in my whole body but the problem is that i tend to get sun spots in my face if I get too much sun, it will be the same thing in a tanning salon? If I put in the tanning salon SPF 80 in my face to avoid getting sunspots would that be enough protection and will avoid them? HELP! Thanks

Sunless Tanning
Mika asked:

I’m looking for a cheap sunless tanning lotion that also has and SPF of atleast 15. Any ideas? I’m also looking for a good cheap sun screen with an SPF of 30. Something I can buy at the local grocery store would be good.

summerbabi549@verizon.net asked:

Ok so I want to get a good tan and lighter blonde hair without having to go to the tanning salon, I usually lay outside. I do not want to dye my hair, but I heard about lemon juice and sun-in, but will it change it a few spots dramatically, cause I want it all only a couple of shades lighter (I have dirty-blonde hair) any suggestions, how-to’s?