ladyrider4287 asked:

I was just wondering what some favorite tanning lotions you guys have. Also, can you get a tan by tanning in a bed with no lotion at all?

Tanning Salon
danny j asked:

Im a guy and I never been to a tanning salon but i go to my aunts tanning bed like 5 times before and its a 24 bulb and i got for about 15 min and don’t get burn. how long should i go in one of those high pressure beds. And how much would it cost first time?

Tanning Spray
bamagirl asked:

I’m going to the beach next week and we’re getting family portraits done on the beach while we’re there. I would love to get a tan (nothing too drastic)….do the spray-tanning booths work pretty good? Is the color uniform? Does it also tan your face? How long does it last? Thanks!

Tanning Shop
Shannyn asked:

ok need new make-up tips. Don’t use make-up too much but bored of the same make-up. i’d regard my eyes as best feature and lips are pouty. i’ve round face, blue eyes and brown/red hair, eyes are normal (not too big or small). i usually put eyeliner on inside lower lid. I want a **** look. any new ways of doing my eye make-up or any other make-up tips would be much appreciated.

i also want to get really nice dress. i’ve average sized ***** and bum. i don’t like my shoulders or upper arms and dont want anything too tight. i dont want anything to short or too revealing and any suggestions on colours and accessories would be great, i’ve pale skin and don’t want to tan.

going shopping on friday and want to have an idea on what to look for. thanks in advance for any help given.