Tanning Shop
Chester the molester asked:

I was always obsessed with **** and ***. And wanted to have some “working girls” on a trip. But when I went there and saw the young girls getting sick things done to them by old fat men. And they being single mothers with sick parents. And how they took drugs to cope with it. I couldn’t do it and spent the weekation shopping and tanning.

It changed me, I can’t even watch **** now. I feel sorry for the girls and wonder if that foreign ***** in the porno was kiddnapped and drugged and stuff. I feel sick.

How do I become normal again?

shellvolmng asked:

I have fair skin, and i burn easily, i don’t tan. I try tanning oil with an SPF of about 8 and it doesn’t help, and spray-on tans make me look orange. I was wondering about tanning booths, or maybe some tips on naturally tanning. I know tanning booths are not healthy, maybe just some tips on keeping it pretty good for my skin, or just a certain type of tanning oil or something to help for when I’m outside. Thanks for your help!

Tanning Beds
fresh princess asked:

They say level 1 is 55/month, level 2 is 70/month and level three is really freakin expensive. What are these levels do they really mean anything except a shorter stay in the tanning bed and more money?

Stephanie asked:

I have been using a tanning bed this summer, and I know all the risks that come with that, but what I want to know is: what specifically does tanning do to your skin? I’ve heard it breaks down something in your skin. Is there anything you can do to help ease that? (besides not tanning) or do anti-wrinkle creams for your face do anything?

Tanning Salon

I am going to a wedding in 2weeks and i would like to be a lil darker than i am. I am looking for a tanning salon that does custom Airbrush tanning (by hand) Near Langhorne, PA.
Most tanning salons do spray tans such as mystic tans. but not all do Airbrush tans there is a big difference between the two.