Tanning Salons
Sweet Sally asked:

I went to get a mystic tan yesterday (spray artifical tan) and I noticed on the walls were posters saying that vitamin D helps prevent cancer and tanning in a salon helps promote vitamin D. I also saw a poster of a doctor who was quoted that it is “sensible” to tan in a salon if you are going to tan. I’m not judging, it is just scary how they use word plays to fool people. What do you think?

Jamie G asked:

I have very fair skin and I always burn. I’ve never had a tan but I try everything – tanning oils, sunscreens, laying out, tanning beds – nothing seems to work.

Amberlynn asked:

I have been tanning for a while now and i want to try a new lotion…

Please give me some ideas how much it costs and where to buy it.

Dont leave comments about how bad tanning is please.

Tanning Beds
stella asked:

I have very pale skin, and I’d like to be a little tan for the spring and summer and shorts-skirts-bikini weather.

How safe are tanning beds and natural tanning, and what should you do to make it any safer?

And what is a good time to spend tanning to just get a light natural tan (in beds and outside)?

Thank you!

praying for #1 at 30 asked:

I have tattoos that cover over half of my body and I gave up tanning beds and laying out in the sun for hours when I decided to start tattooing myself as the sun will ruin my ink. If I use fake tanning lotion will that act as a cover up for my tattoos? Because I wouldn’t want that.