rebeca asked:

im going to be going 2 times a week for the next 3 weeks which would be going a total of 6 times. Im going to be using it for maby 10 minutes each time. i have never used the tanning bed before. so i was wondering will 6 times get me dark. how tan will i get nd how long tha tan will last? i am very light, not pale but fair i would say.

Tanning Salons
?They call me mom? asked:

I was wondering if people of mexican, african decent actually go to tanning salons. I was just wondering because of a conversation my friends where having.
Well, for some people going to the tanning salon is relaxing. This could be a reason.

GL0 GiNA LYNN asked:

I need some tanning spray or lotion that doesn’t leaves streaks and something that shows results immediately,Preferably a good price.

Tanning Salons
CatMont asked:


I am a young male model/actor in LA, and I really need to get rid of my farmer’s tan so I can look better on film. Can anyone give me advice on tanning salons? How safe are they? Do results look natural? I already have a fairly dark Mexican tan, but only on those parts of my body not covered by clothes. Please help.

Sunless Tanning

I have a pale face with lots of freckles and i like them, but they get kind of annoying when they get dark, so i was planning to use sunless tanning lotion to make my pale face darker so my freckles would seem lighter, but i dont know if it works. has anyone with freckles tried sunless tanning lotion on their face? what are the results?