Sunless Tanning
tiece20 asked:

Can anyone suggest a good sunless tanning lotion that does not leave streaks and that turns your skin a brownish tan, not an orangy one???
Is the Mary Kay one called Sun essentials??

Cynthia asked:

I am very pale, but I have had a good tan a lot of times before so it is possible! It just takes me forever to get there. Do you think using sunscreen or sunblock would work? Which one would I use? After I got a base tan then I would change to tanning lotion of course.

Aaron asked:

I know this is mostly a matter of opinion, but to you give you a more detailed description of what sort of advise I’m asking for I’ll tell you what my situation is. I’m a guy. My skin complexion is very white and pasty, and sort of resembles expired pizza dough with acne. So, in order to upgrade my sexual appeal, I’ve decided that I would look better with a little more color this year. It is now the end of January and I’m debating on when to start indoor tanning. I’m afraid that if I start now it will be too early and I’m trying not to make it look too obvious that I’m going tanning. But I would also like to start as early as possible. So I guess what I’m asking the most is when is the earliest time of the year that I can start having an artificial tan and still be tasteful and stylish?

Tanning Salons
belllaa asked:

its usally about 15-45 a session. but the good machines are 45$. the monthly rates are definetly over 100. i need something cheaper.

Sunless Tanning
RosesaretheKEY asked:

I use Neutrogena Daily glow but a friend of mine just bought me a gift certificate to a tanning salon… is it safe to do both?

Please don’t tell me how unsafe tanning at a salon is, I know it is and I have chosen to take that risk.